Battle Beaver Custom Controller Review

A video game controller is the most important tool in a serious gamers collection. It is the portal into other worlds that allows players to traverse fantastical realms and share the experiences with friends. That’s why it’s essential for everyone that loves video games to have the right tool for the job and the custom controller company, Battle Beaver, is committed to providing exactly what people want on their device. We recently purchased a new PS4 controller through their website and decided to see how this small business holds up against some of the bigger competition.

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Battle Beavers mission statement is “Here at Battle Beaver Customs, we focus on improving our customer’s gaming experience through custom gaming controllers, DIY parts, and instructional videos.” To stay in-line with this goal, they offer a variety of upgrades for gamers to experience their video games in new and interesting ways including; Tension upgrades, custom logos on home buttons, smart triggers, rear buttons, custom thumbsticks, and an assortment of colors.

The only upgrade we found necessary was rear buttons mapped to X and O to help give us an edge in shooting games. We wouldn’t ever have to remove our thumb from the right joystick while jumping or crouching again. What stood out about Battle Beaver, which also helps set them apart from other big name custom controllers, is that their rear triggers are not paddles, but instead a round button as you’d see on the front of the controller. This is an amazing difference for players that hold the controller with a tight grip and struggle with the sensitivity of the standard rear paddle.

Battle Beaver is definitely a small business and every email customers receive after ordering their controller makes sure they’re aware that a lot of work goes into manufacturing these devices. The company also lets you know that every purchase is greatly appreciated and all of their work is done painstakingly by hand. Unfortunately, quality takes time. The order was placed on August 8th and didn’t arrive until September 10th. While this may seem like a long time for a controller that cost around $110.00, the craftsmanship that goes into the controller is clear.

Battle Beaver, ps4 custom controller, game reviews, controller review, gaming gear, gaming gear review, custom controller reviews, gigamax games, gigamax

The only issue we had with the Battle Beaver controller is that the right stick began to stick after a couple days of playing, but the issue seemingly resolved itself after a little more time. While this could have become a much greater problem on an expensive new piece of technology, the company will gladly fix the controller if you email them about the issue and explain exactly what happened.

We love our Battle Beaver custom controller and will definitely utilize them if we need any other devices. Our favorite part about this small business is their dedication to providing a quality product and their understanding that these tools are important to the people using them. For more information on Battle Beaver or to order your own custom controller visit their website and see if they’re the right fit for you!



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