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Gamers could play The Invisible Hours, by Tequila Works, in Virtual Reality in 2017 but now people looking for a flat-screen alternative can play this incredible spherical narrative, too. Play comfortably for hours and discover the secrets hidden all around the Tesla mansion.

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Receiving a review copy, the Gigamax crew couldn’t wait to explore this mysterious world. Gigs and Mack discovered that the main character is nothing more than a fly on the wall, dropped into the middle of a very strange situation and forced to observe these chaotic series of events.

Tequila works did an amazing job adding the details and subtleties to immerse the gamer in the stories of each and every character. Unable to directly interact with any of the non-playing characters, the player begins to learn and understand the characters on an extremely deep, emotional level. Tequila Works is able to tell this mysterious story in a unique way thanks to all the incredible mechanics that can be found throughout The Invisible Hours. 

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Incredibly exhilarating, the game is filled with exciting twists and turns. Character development is absolutely spectacular and the story does a great job capturing the imagination.  Every minute that went by created the opportunity for a thrilling series of events to present themselves. Anyone looking for an indie murder mystery game just found a great match.

For a more in-depth look at The Invisible Hours, the playlist is a great introduction to the full review.

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