Local Gamers Take Charge - Are You Ready?

The incredible video game industry continues to grow to new heights each day. A lot of this growth is thanks to small gamers like you, taking it uponLocal gamers, small gamers, independent gamers themselves to create communities and share new ideas. One organization that is an excellent example of both these aspects is Mid-Tier Summit Gaming. This small company has set out to create a community of semi-competitive gamers and offers them a place to test their skills in friendly competition.

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Background of Mid-Tier Summit

Mid-Tier Summit Gaming is offering something to gamers that they can’t find anywhere else. Building a community focused on semi-competitive gaming, gamers now have events to test their skills against other local gamers.

The semi-competitive idea comes from the fact that these are not toxic environments. Anyone that games, understands that things can get a little overly competitive at times and this is when the harsh words come out.  Gigamax Games was lucky enough to attend the first event they held and it was one of the most peaceful competitive events the crew has ever experienced. Mid-Tier Summit Gaming is currently hosting tournaments in Long Island, New York but there’s no telling how far they can go!

Local gamers, small gamers, independent gamers

Upcoming Event

The next event is a Marvel vs. Capcom tournament and the first prize is something special, a Gold 1TB slim PlayStation 4 console and a Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Collector’s Edition for PS4. This is right after they gave away a Nintendo Switch at the Super Smash Bro’s Brawl tournament they held in August. These events may be hosted by a small company but they offer some big prizes and draw in some impressive crowds.

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Why this all matters

The video game industry started small but soon ended up being dominated by mega-corporations controlling the content and community events. This is a very special time we all live in. Small gamers can now make a big impact on the world. From small media outlets like Gigamax Games to independent event organizers like Mid-Tier Summit Gaming, things are changing fast and for the better.


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