Pokemon Let's Go - Mewtwo and Legendary Bird Locations

Pokemon Let’s Go is now available on the Nintendo Switch. It takes players back in time, giving them a look at the origins of this massively popular franchise. With updated graphics and brand-new mechanics, Pokemon Let’s Go was made for both Pokemon 90’s kids and new fans.

Pokemon Let’s Go - YouTube Playlist

Following the story of Pokemon Yellow, anyone that played the old game will have a clear advantage in the 2018 version. The secrets are the same but the way Pokemon Let's Go is played is completely different. The playlist above will guide you to the locations of all three legendary birds as well as the location of Mewtwo. These may be the same Pokemon you remember, but they’re showcased in a completely new light.

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Discover where the legendary birds are hidden and take the path to uncover Mewtwo in Pokemon Let’s Go!

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