Sea of Thieves on YouTube with Gigamax Games

Who’s ready to sail the open seas with a party full of pirates? Sea of Thieves is promising all the adventure of a pirates life without the risk of scurvy or a watery grave. The game is releasing in March of 2018 but the Gigamax Games crew was able to get an early start with the closed beta. Having a small preview of the game was exciting and it made the wait for the full release even harder.

Sea of Thieves YouTube Playlist

The gameplay was relatively smooth all the way through which was great to see. Rare had to address some technical issues that interrupted the first few days of the closed beta but extended the beta to compensate. The games’ graphics may be cartoony but they were fantastic. Looking out into the ocean at full sail is a sight to remember. 

An Ocean Filled With Danger

Combat was fun and each island held their own surprises. The ocean was filled with danger but it only made the Gigamax crew want to sail into the blue abyss and see what trouble they’d come across. Sea of Thieves has a very interesting progression and questing system which will take some time to figure out but it promises exciting adventures await on the horizon. 

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No one said being a pirate captain would be easy. Sailing the ship requires a player to hoist the anchor, release the sails, steer the ship and navigate all on their own. Having a crew of friends on board will absolutely make navigating the high seas much easier. Plus, the ships sink on a dime so having a bunch of friends along for the ride could help with fending off shark attacks.

Sea of Thieves is high on the list of games to play for the Gigamax Games crew. Be sure to follow Gigamax on YouTube or check back on this playlist page soon for more videos.

Have you had a chance to play Sea of Thieves? Let us know what you think about the pirate adventure in the comments below!