Blizzard Shares New World of Warcraft Classic Details

Brand New Info on World of Warcraft Classic

Although a release date has not been announced, Blizzard confirmed it is remaking the vanilla version of World of Warcraft. As time passes, it becomes increasingly evident that the development team behind World of Warcraft Classic is very passionate about the long-awaited project. In a recent “Dev Watercooler” blog post, Blizzard unveiled new details about their experience prototyping the game. They also went on to reassure fans that they would do the original version of the WoW justice.

“The process of restoring the classic game is not straightforward, and it’s important to us to take the time and effort to get it right–this includes poring over numerous game versions, data, and code; meticulously scrutinizing all the changes we’ve made over the years,” Blizzard’s dev team wrote.

“All the work we’re doing will ultimately allow us to recreate an authentic classic experience on a platform that is much more optimized and stable, helping us avoid latency and stability issues. Additional improvements will include modern anti-cheat/botting detection, customer service and integration, and similar conveniences that do not affect the core gameplay experience.” (

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Back To Where It All Began

World of Warcraft Classic Rebuild

Blizzard detailed that the initial World of Warcraft Classic prototype is a rebuild of Patch 1.12: Drums of War using various archives and source code. Unfortunately for the team, this revealed some pretty big problems including game crashes, issues with modern video cards, incompatibility with Blizzard’s latest login system, and a host of other concerns. Using this initial prototype the development team was able to create another test version using the game’s modern code and all the infrastructure enhancements it has received over the years. This build of the 1.12 patch is compatible with the latest technology available for PC’s and Blizzard’s current systems.

World of Warcraft Classic was initially announced at Blizzcon 2017 with a surprise trailer that delighted fans that have been requesting it for years. Hopefully, dedicated WoW players won’t have to wait long to play the experience that started their journey through Azeroth. Be sure to check back with for more information on World of Warcraft Classic when it becomes available!



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    1. Every word you just said got us more excited. As a huge WoW player back in the vanilla days, we cannot wait to play! Now, as a mage main, just thinking about fighting a Shaman hurt a little bit… but still excited! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

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