Gamers looking for a chance to play the indie game Iron Danger early and participate in the closed alpha test can now register for the opportunity. Action Squad Studios announced yesterday October 16th, 2018, they are now taking applications for the tactical RPG. Those that want to participate in the alpha can find detailed instructions on how to apply on Iron Danger’s Discord server, here.

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In celebration of Iron Danger reaching the alpha phase of development, Action Squad Studios released a brand new alpha trailer.

Indie Game Iron Danger Alpha Trailer [Action Squad Studios]

This story-driven tactical RPG is based in a Steampunk world and includes time manipulation mechanics. From the gameplay, it looks as though there’s a lot going on all at once. Its world is visually impressive and the unique combat system combines to create a unique top-down story-driven RPG.

A specific Iron Danger feature that Action Squad Studios is heavily focusing on is the time manipulation mechanics. Anyone that played Superhot might have an idea of how this system works. For those that haven't, gamers can pause combat to give them time to think about their next move. However, the addition of this mechanic in a tactical, top-down RPG is an original take on the genre. The combat system and more specifically the time manipulation mechanics are clearly showcased in Iron Dangers first combat gameplay trailer that Action Squad Studios shared in August of 2018. The version of the game showcased below was playable at Gamescom 2018.

Iron Danger First Combat Gameplay

Iron Danger is going to be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Action Squad Studios is an indie game studio founded only two years ago in 2016. The team is made up of gaming and entertainment industry professionals from companies like Supercell, Remedy, Redlynx, Rovio, and Bugbear.

The Gigamax Games crew signed up for the Iron Danger alpha test. If the application is approved, there will be a preview article and gameplay footage available as soon as possible. Be sure to follow Gigamax Games on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest videos and articles from the Gigamax crew!