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ARMS – Nintendo Switch Playlist

ARMS – Nintendo Switch Playlist with Gigamax Games

ARMS, Nintendo’s new I.P., is finally here and it was well worth the wait. This intense fighter is truly a unique mix of mechanics and chaos. Outfitted with springy arms, the goal is to knock out your opponent before they have the chance to take you out. Jumping around the selection of arenas, players fling their arms at a distance and curve the punches to eliminate their opponent. Barriers located around the ring offer players the chance to wrap their enemies arms up and counter with a devastating blow.

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Multiplayer Modes and More!

That was only one of the multiplayer options the game has to offer. V-ball and Hoops are the other game types available. V-ball is literally volleyball but instead of a ball, players play with a bomb on a timer. Once the short timer ends, the orb drops wherever it’s located and a point is scored. Players fight, not with each other, but to keep the ball in the air and on their opponents side of the net.

Hoops, a Gigamax favorite is a variation of half-court basketball, without the ball. Players fight for the opportunity to grab their opponent and either slam-dunk their enemy for two points or launch them across the arena for their chance at a three-pointer.

These game modes and the variety of fighters offer gamers a chance to spend hours throwing extended punches while never getting bored. ARMS truly shines when played with a friend, providing some nail-biting matches. Nintendo has done it again, developing an addictive fighter with some loveable characters.

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ARMS – Gigamax YouTube Playlist

Below you will find the ARMS playlist by Gigamax. Watch as Gigs and Mack go head to head, showing off all the multiplayer game modes. There will be more video’s coming soon so be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more in the future.




‘OXENFREE’ Let’s Play – Playlist with Gigamax Games

‘OXENFREE’ Let’s Play – Playlist with Gigamax Games

Oxenfree absolutely deserves a close look for anyone that enjoys an obscure but interesting story. Beautifully designed, this indie game is one to remember. Gigs and Mack take a look to see why Night School Studios creation made so much noise when it was released in January of 2016. Going in completely blind, the crew shows anyone interested in Oxenfree exactly what they can expect.

An aspect of the game that really stood out was the art. Beautiful scenes behind muted colors creates the right atmosphere for this obscure indie game.

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The first 30 minutes was mostly just getting the player introduced to the characters. A bunch of kids on a ship to an undisclosed destination was curious enough to keep interest high before the ‘action’ started. Able to pick different dialog choices, the player has some freedom with how their character interacts with the other NPC’s. The story is something that truly stands out in this game, and Gigamax is excited to work their way through and see it to the end.

OXENFREE – [Throwing Rocks with Friends] – Let’s Play | Gigamax Games

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Prey – Sci-Fi FPS – Inside Look with GIGAMAX Games

Prey Is Almost Here

Prey is coming May 5th 2017 to Playstation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The upcoming sci-fi shooter was developed by Arkane Studios, known for their incredible first person stealth action games, Dishonored and Dishonored 2. Published by Bethesda Softworks, Prey has some big names behind it. There is a host of game footage available and from the video’s it’s clear, Prey shares a lot with their earlier titles.

The game offers multiple paths for the player to choose from, RPG elements and creative puzzle solving. To begin, you choose from a male or female character which can have a slight impact on the perspective the player will experience throughout the game. It delivers some incredible ambiance and music that helps immerse the player in the dangerous world. Prey of course, looks and feels a lot like Dishonored. However, it does share some similarities with Bioshock and Dead Space as well.

A Mash Of Classics

It’s clear Arkane Studios was influenced by other hit sci-fi games while still maintaining its own unique feel. A huge plus is the fact that the game has multiple ways to complete levels. This ensures each player can have a slightly different experience through the campaign. It’s always nice when a single player story game gives the gamer some kind of option when it comes to experiencing the story. It gives some incentive to replay the game while still ensuring a fun and exciting experience the next time around.

Below is a great video that walks through the first 45 minutes of gameplay. *Spoiler Warning*; A big twist is given away in the first 15 minutes. So if you want a completely fresh experience, we suggest you get hyped about the little bit of info we offered and pass on the video until having the chance to play it for yourself. If you’re on the fence about buying it, we highly recommend you check it out. Just from the first 45 minutes, we’re on the edge of our seat waiting for Prey to drop.



Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer Q&A Recap – GIGAMAX

Necromancer, Back From The Dead

Blizzard kept the hype train for their upcoming Necromancer DLC rolling last night. In a Facebook live event they released a ton of details on how the new class will behave. Unfortunately no release date was announced, but the term “near future” was thrown around quite a bit. Another downside to the event was the lack of gameplay or screenshots, although the developers said that was  something players could expect to see soon.


Right off the bat it was asked how close the Diablo 3 Necromancer will feel to the one from Diablo 2. Lead FX artist, Julian Love and Sr. Game Designer, Travis Day were speaking on behalf of the team. They ensured it would keep the true spirit of the class which was exciting. When asked how they would operate with the lack of corpses in Diablo 3, the devs clarified that they added enemy corpses when a necromancer is on the map. They also mentioned that the poison aspect of the class will be removed but the Necromancer will still have the bone skill tree.

Next up was whether or not a melee focused Necromancer would be possible. Thankfully it is still a viable option. There will be plenty of gear added for a melee build . The class is also keeping its popular revive and corpse explosion abilities. Necromancers are able to hold any weapon that’s not class specific as well as their own unique weapon, the two handed scythe.


Golems Are Back!

The popular summon, Golems, will also make a return. As of now, they have 3 Golems designed and they’re adding new ones themed toward Diablo 3. Blizzard also assured that they are adding multiple different types of play styles for the class. Mostly centered around pets, auras and melee abilities, the class seems as though it will have a familiar feel from those in Diablo 2.  They also addressed the similarities between the Witch Doctor and Necromancer saying that the classes are very different and that fans shouldn’t worry. Two of the biggest differences are Necromancers  will have skills revolving around self damage and have a lack of damage over time abilities.

Seasons Coming To Consoles

One more piece of exciting information that did not pertain to the Necromancer, was that seasons are coming to consoles. The popular “ladder” like event that gets new challenges every couple of months has long been absent from console versions of the game. In the comments section of the stream, the official Diablo account said that players can expect more information on the console season themed patch soon.


This was not all the information shared, if you’d like to hear all the info check out the video of the live Q&A embedded below! Since there is no gameplay or screenshots, it can be turned on and listened to like a podcast in the background. We are pumped to finally have more information on this famous class and can’t wait to get our hands on it. Make sure to check back with Gigamax Games when the class is officially released for videos, articles, and streams pertaining to the Necromancer.


Injustice 2 – New Story Trailer and Info! with GIGAMAX

Injustice 2 Coming 2017

NetherRealm Studios just released another incredible story trailer for Injustice 2 and we’re excited. A tormented Superman, Robin makes an appearance and Brainiac shows up. So many juicy bits of information were teased in the short, 3 minute trailer. The first Injustice offered hours of excitement as the innovative fighting game delivered some impressive mechanics and environments. Let’s see what’s in store for the next leg in the series. 

Some of the characters that were shown in the new trailer confirm rumors that had been floating around about the hero roster. It seems as though Brainiac's appearance at the end of the trailer suggests that this villain will be the focal point of the action. A once again distressed Superman makes his debut in the trailer and it seems as though he will be playing an important role as the story unfolds. Supergirl also shows up, but she is definitely not feeling like herself. Potentially brain-washed, she looks ready to kill anyone who stands in her way.

Official Word From

When looking at the official Injustice Website, a few more bits of information become available. Players have the choice between three different game versions; Standard, Digital Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition. The Digital Deluxe edition includes 3 DLC fighters, one Premier skin and one exclusive gear shader pack. No word yet on which 3 DLC fighters the Digital Deluxe edition will include but the skin offered is for Supergirl. The Ultimate Edition offers some incredible content right out of the gate. 9 DLC fighters, 3 premier skins for the Flash, Green Lantern and Supergirl and 2 exclusive gear shader packs are all included with the $99.99 dollar Ultimate Edition.

NetherRealm Studios did confirm some other characters and these include; Aquaman, Atrocitus, Batman, Blue Beetle, Deadshot, Darkseid, The Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Superman, Wonder Woman and Robin. Rumors are floating around that Poison Ivy will also join the party, but those cannot be confirmed at this time.

With all the fun that the first Injustice brought, it’s exciting to think about what they plan to do with Injustice 2. The first game offered some truly unique mechanics and environments. Hopefully the hype train doesn’t start gaining too much momentum before more details become clear. As more information becomes available, be sure to check back at Gigamax Games for the latest developments surrounding Injustice 2!



For Honor – Choose Your Faction with GIGAMAX

For Honor – Choose Your Faction

One of the most highly anticipated releases of 2017, For Honor is ready to take center stage. Expected to release in February, the beta sign-up is available now. This “Art of Combat” fast-paced melee combat offers the player total control of the warrior chosen. For Honor caught our eye at E3 and the community gathered around to speculate if Ubisoft could pull it off.

Expected to released in about a month, more details have surfaced of what players can expect. Let’s take a dive inside to see what For Honor would have to offer.

A universe, divided into three factions fighting to reign supreme. Players will choose between Knight, Viking or the deadly Samurai and attempt to claw their way to victory. The game offers both a campaign and multiplayer mode where players use their chosen warrior to bring down the opposing force.

Reports suggest that For Honor is heavily focused on the multiplayer aspect of the game. For Honor was said to deliver a high-intensity and exhilarating multiplayer experience. Offering 12 maps and 4 different variations of each, Ubisoft has offered 60 unique online environments. They also announced that post-launch content will be added for free, which is always great news. In an attempt to keep the community on the same pace, they decided to level the playing field in regard to DLC. No word yet on whether For Honor will have paid DLC content, however it looks as though micro-transactions will be added. There seem’s to be suggestions of a “loot-box’ kind of system where players can find different skins, emotes, exc.


When it comes to the single-player, an early access report stated that it didn’t stack up. Though gameplay was said to be just as exciting and interesting as multiplayer, the story was found to be lackluster.

Games that offer multiple factions such as For Honor, have a lot of potential for adding an enriched story filled with different perspectives. It’s always a shame when a developer doesn’t make full use of their content. This is not to say that there won’t be additional story DLC in the future, so there is hope.

Gigamax has applied for the Beta test for For Honor. We will update this page when we have our hands on our Beta code.

You can watch the Cinematic Trailer for For Honor below:




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