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A Hat In Time and A Game To Remember

A Hat In Time and A Game To Remember This endearing title was suggested by a Gigs-Knight and the crew was excited to give it […]

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The Invisible Hours – Let’s Play Page

The Invisible Hours – Let’s Play Page Gamers could play The Invisible Hours, by Tequila Works, in Virtual Reality in 2017 but now people looking […]

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Hyrule Warriors on Nintendo Switch – Tips & Gameplay

Hyrule Warriors on Nintendo Switch – Tips & Gameplay Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Switch isn’t available in North America for the Nintendo Switch just […]

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Far Cry 5 – YouTube Let’s Play Playlist

Far Cry 5 – YouTube Playlist with Gigamax Games Far Cry is back in a big way. Set in the backwoods of Montana USA, Far […]

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‘Hyrule Warriors’

On The Nintendo Switch!

Hyrule Warriors is finally available on the North American Nintendo Switch. Come celebrate with some of these fond memories when the crew was forced to play the Japanese version!

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