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Are you in the Long Island, NY area and want to get involved in the local eSports community? 

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Gang Beasts – Servers and Gameplay on YouTube

Gang Beasts – Servers and Gameplay on YouTube After weeks of trying to stream this ridiculous fighting game, the Gigamax crew gave up and instead […]

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Indie Week Celebration: YouTube Playlist

Indie Week Celebration: YouTube Playlist Indie games have a special place in the Gigamax crew’s heart. Being an independent organization, developing, producing and publishing a […]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2. review, let's play, gameplay, leveling, blade, pyra, gaming, video game, nj gaming, gigamax, gigamax games

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Unfortunate Story of Fan Service

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Unfortunate Story of Fan Service Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has delivered dozens of hours of excitement so far and there’s still a […]

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Skyrim – Let’s Play Page

Skyrim has been around for years. Since 2011 people have been infatuated with this timeless adventure. Releasing on nearly every console since its initial release […]

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The World of Indie Games through Gigamax Games

Who doesn’t love a great indie game? The entire crew here at Gigamax Games loves their indie games so it only seemed right to celebrate these pieces of art. Enjoy the playlist below where you will find all the indie game videos from the Gigamax crew! 

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